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Intelligente AI Optische Plastic Kleurensorteerder

Intelligente AI Optische Plastic Kleurensorteerder

  • Intelligente AI Optische Plastic Kleurensorteerder
Intelligente AI Optische Plastic Kleurensorteerder
Plaats van herkomst: CHINA
Merknaam: hawit
Certificering: ISO9001 CE
Modelnummer: groot
Betalen & Verzenden Algemene voorwaarden:
Min. bestelaantal: 1
Prijs: Negotiable
Verpakking Details: Houten Dozen, Vacuümaluminiumverpakking
Levering vermogen: de reeksen van 2000 per jaar
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Gedetailleerde productomschrijving
Garantie: 1 jaar Voltage: 220V/50HZ
model: Groot-4 Gewicht: 955 kg
Macht: 2,4 kW Afmeting (l*w*h): 1912*1574*2090
Voorwaarde: Nieuw Sorterende Nauwkeurigheid (%): >99.9
Eigenschappen: Stabieler, langer leven, fabrieksprijs Optische delen: CCD-Camera's, LEIDENE Lampen
Hoog licht:

Optical Plastic Color Sorter


Intelligent AI Plastic Color Sorter


2.4kw Plastic Colour Sorter

Intelligent AI Plastic Color Sorting Machine Optical Color Sorter Labour Saving


Color Sorter Introduction:


     Its working principle is to separate them according to the different colors of materials, so as to improve the quality of materials. For example, it can classify worsted grains, it can separate yellow plastic particles from mixed plastics of various colors, dispose of deteriorated rice, and so on.


1. Camera
    International famous brand customized lens with imported high-end 5400 pixel CCD image acquisition system, fast scanning speed.
2. Algorithm
    The combination of colors and shapes of intelligent algorithm Leading role in China.
     Precise professional sorting solutions
3. Customized Lighting System
     Advanced LED optical design system.
     Various light sources are available to suit different materials.
     Designated procurement of imported LED lamps, Higher stability, longer service life.
     LED lighting system with thermal dissipation.
4 . High speed and stable data transmission system
     High anti-jamming, high transmission speed, high stability
5.  innovative ultra high-speed processing chip
    realizing the stability ,reliability and high-speed mass data processing.
6.  Easy to operate human-computer interface
    More intelligent, easy operation, one button for professional sorting, remote debugging, remote diagnosis, remote software   upgrading.



Components Suppliers
Camera   Toshiba Full Color Camera CCD with 5400 pixel
Lens   Phoenix customized industrial lens
Chip   Intel and ATI brand DSP,FPGA
Power supply   Mean Well
Power switch   Schneider
Filter   SMC



Examples of Sorting




Color Sorter Applications
Beans kidney bean/soybean/mung/red bean/black bean/pea/ broad bean/coffee bean/lentil/chickpea
Tea green tea/black tea/dark tea/white tea/ yellow tea
Cereals corn/barley/wheat/oat/sesame/malt
Seeds cotton seed/corn seed/wheat seed/pepper seed/onion seed
Nuts & Kernels sunflower seed/pumpkin seed/watermelon seed/cashew nut/peanut/walnut/pistachio
Industrial Goods quartz sand/recycled plastic/salt/mineral/monosodium glutamate/white sugar/pill/pearl
Economic Crops raisin/medlar/lily/red date/shrimp bran/tobacco/agaric



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Our Services :


We adhere to the principle of Customer priority, encourage employees to care about customer demand, and provide solutions for both domestic and overseas customer.


We provide customer with one year free repair and maintenance for complete machine, and prompt professional training and technical guidance, which fully embodies our service mode featuring fast response, timely maintenance and follow-up coordination.


Service commitment: One year free repair and maintenance for complete machine, 7x24h consultation service .No matter where you are, you can visit us .




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